Wednesday, July 23, 2014

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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

All Due Respect Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook)

In 2003 Mark Zuckerberg took the world by storm.  Many credit him for his creative and spontaneous way to connect the world and take social media to world renowned measures.  Though this is true, like Bill Gates, he has also challenged technology in ways that the world has yet to see.   He has also sparked a psychological link to human habit and action.  Mark took a personal agenda and hobby to form collaboration.   With his skill of programming and many inspirations, he tuned his ability to create a module of codes and break cyber boundaries.    He also managed and organized a team with the needed skills he lacked to fulfill his vision.  He, along with his new team and inspiration, created a business structure that would make Bill Smith, formulator of 6 sigma, and Bill Gates, co-creator of Microsoft say “Wow”.  Mark was asked by Henry Blodget, of business weekly, what were the most important contributions to the success of Facebook.  He answered, boldness, speed and focus.  To be bold is to act against force and stand out where normally one would not be seen.  Mark is said to have social inaccuracies, but being bold is not one of them.  Facebook is a place that many choose to be bold socially and yet have a bold place to do so.   These said character flaws allowed Mark to create a sociable cyber-space where people can share ideas, photos, clips, “Like”s etc.  He then formed a company that has boldly succeeded the worth and intellect of century old inventions and companies and boldly continues to stay and grow at time speed.   Speed is to consistently be forth coming with out hesitation and with the intention to always be placed first.  The idea of Facebook is so remarkable because it is the first of its kind and capacity.  The generics of Facebook can be found in social media sites like, MySpace and Twitter.  However, the technical power, capacity and hereditary horometrical blueprint of the creative need and utility is a true alpha.  For such emotion, idea, creativity, skill, management and consistency to be birthed into an entity, one must have focus.  Focus is to clearly and unconsciously see, hear, feel and smell the intangible and digest the senses to formulate it to have a presence.  Facebook can not be held but one must agree it is definitely present and here to stay. These attributes combined make Facebook, Inc. so much more, but truly a success. 

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Monday, August 30, 2010

"L.A.M.B." by Gwen Stefani: Is It Affordable?

Gwen Stefani has been labeled a fashion icon from her fans and the fashion industry since she was introduced to living rooms across the country as the lead singer of the rock band No Doubt. Her punk yet chic style has every girl asking "Can I rock that outfit?" Gwen said no doubt when she debuted her own clothing line in 2003. But, can her followers afford the fashions? The answer is yes. L.A.M.B. is available in many discount chains such as Marshalls and various Internet retail websites as Although not all retail chains will have a consistent supply of L.A.M.B. merchandise, a budget shopper no that research is viable. Now, majority retail sites will have a sale link for all merchandise that has been discounted and they offer free shipping and embrace returns. So, if you want to be fly this season and you’re on a budget, L.A.M.B. has been made affordable thanks to major discount chains and Internet retail websites.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dating and Relationships/Black Men -VS- Black Women

Ok, I'm not an expert, I'm single, and I do have an opinion.  There is a lot of "who done it" going around.  Men complain about the "Angry Black Woman" and women complain that "There are no good black men".  Let me start by introducing myself.  I am a 30 year old black woman living in Houston, TX reared in the Midwest.  I was reared by a single mother in E. St. Louis (google it).   I met my biological father when I was 10.  I have been single for the past 6 years, never married and have no children.  I hear everybody complaining about one another but no one is yet to hold themselves accountable.  The problem is not that black women are angry or that there are no good black men.  The problem is many men and women haven't taken the time to be introduced to themselves before they try to be introduced to someone else.  Men and women are out here prematurely dating. When something happens they don't like, they point the finger.  We must be accountable for our own decisions and act accordingly.  Until you know yourself, how in the hell do you expect someone else to know you or even know what you want or don't want.  Introduction to self is a process of maturity.  Maturity is not a number. With maturity comes experience, growth and wisdom.  The three become dynamics of character, life, and future.  We can choose to grow from our experience gaining wisdom to lead us to make a better decision next time or each time (not easy).  I have had some challenging relationships both good and bad.  Maturity taught me to be responsible for my actions and make good decisions based on my experience.  A bad relationship teaches us what we don't want in a man or woman.  So if you keep ending up with people of the same caliber.  You need to look at yourself instead of the other person.  If you have dated so many "angry black women: or "no-good black men" that you are convinced they are all that way, you have submitted your self in a never ending cycle of defeat.  You are dating the same character over and over again.  Its YOU not the whole race of black men and women.  I know, heard about and see wonderful black men and women everyday. Use your experience, past and present to learn about yourself. Be honest with yourself at all times good or bad. Change the things you don't like and elaborate on those you do like. This builds a strong character. Then you can distinguish among the things you like, need, and want in someone else's character.  Dating is a time when both parties are to gain knowledge about each others character, life style, past, and future.  This information is vital to each party.  There is no wrong or right.  It's what is wrong or right for YOU.  If you rush into a relationship be it sexual, committed, steady, or just for fun because you exchange phone numbers.  You are setting your self up for surprise(s). So if you determine you don't like the surprise, guess what, that's the chance you took.  Dating is getting to know a person and is key to finding the right black man or woman that compliments your character.  So no more excuses and finger pointing downing all black women and men.  Be accountable for your actions, who you choose, and when a relationship forms.  Take the time to know yourself then the other person before jumping into a relationship where you have no clue what will be revealed.  Dating allows time for a relationship to grow or not.  If you end up with an angry, nagging, non-submissive, jobless, deadbeat, cheating black man or woman, You chose them.  It's never too late to start making better decisions.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Money and Recession

Everyone is scrambling attempting to salvage and save their money.  Since 2007, money has not been the same.  Small business oweners and middle class are being wiped out day by day.  A point in the mission of CJL Marketing Group is to provide opportunity.  We have recession proofed our services and costs.  I recently recession proofed my career with continued education.  In the December 2008 issue of Kiplinger's they list 15 things you need to know about the panic of 2008.  And, they gave a crash course on the crisis and what could lie ahead.  Ahead is now!  It's a good idea to review those things and compare to current news and events and recession proof your life and /or business.  Life is real, be prepared.  Both optimistic and pessimistic "Everything Is Possible."  LET'S GET IT!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Mixed Martial Arts and Reality TV

MMA has become the new sports entertainment of choice.  It is enjoyed and respected by many fans of all age, race, and sex. MTV has started it's second season of a reality show called "Bully Beatdown".  The show is based on actual bullies competing against MMA fighters. 

Reality TV has provided the world with relatable real life events for many markets.  Reality TV boost industry awareness, brand image, and an entertainment value to it's viewers.  Many companies has used their time slots to broadcast advertising for their products and services.  Entertainers and socialites take advantage of the many marketing opportunites reality TV has to offer. 

It only makes sense that MTV and the MMA gave viewers yet another reason to pop some pop corn and glue themselves to the couch for the next episode.

Sneak peak of MTV's "Bully Beatdown" season 2

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Entertainment News, Technology, and Branding

After getting yet another hit on my Black Berry from with hot entertainment news and gossip, I commend the news heavy entertainers. Not only is the information appealing to a billion dollar consumer base, but it is a open house for Branding. New technology developements like Twitter, YouTube, Smartphones, and iTunes, amongst others, has created an array of opportunity for entertainers to Brand themselves. By branding yourself, you will establish yourself as an expert, gain notoriety and increase your market value. The key to self branding is to know ones self and identify and inform those interested.